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We live and work in Tuscany, more precisely in San Giovanni Valdarno, a small town  situated on the bank of the Arno River.  This quiet home to 17,000 inhabitants is in a valley surrounded by the hills of Chianti and by the “Balze” at the foot of the massive Pragomagno mountains.  The center and heart of the town is the piazza, actually two squares, Piazza Masaccio and Piazza Cavour, divided by the main street, Corso Italia.  The symbol and pride of the town is the beautiful Palazzo d’Arnolfo.   Around this amazing building, and in the two main squares and along Corso Italia, the people of San Giovanni gather, alongside children at play, while they take a break and mingle together.  This socializing outside of the house, in the town square and on the streets, is a special aspect of everyday life that you will soon grow accustomed to while as a resident of this captivating Italian town.  San Giovanni is also full of specialty shops where you can find anything you need, from designer fashion to bustling supermarkets, and all of the essentials like banks, the post office, self-service laundry, gyms and a swimming pool.   From the centrally located train station, it is easy and convenient to visit the most recognized towns in Tuscany:  just a half an hour away from Florence (by train or by car), 30 minutes from Arezzo, 45 minutes from Siena and Cortona, and 20 minutes to the breathtaking region of Chianti.

San Giovanni is in the Valley of the Arno River (Valdarno), an area of ancient origin, as well as a land rich in art, history and legends.  Its natural beauty fascinated Leonardo da Vinci during the 15th century, as he painted the “Balze” of Valdarno, those curious peaks of red earth, eroded by water and wind, in the background of the famous Mona Lisa.  The landscape surrounding the little medieval towns of Valdarno is typically Tuscan, with narrow village streets, rolling hills full of olive groves and vineyards, quaint countryside churches and small museums.  Here, you can immerse yourself in nature and taste the amazing local products such as Chianti wine, olive oil, zolfino beans, salami, cheese, honey and mushrooms.  Perhaps you will even experience one of the special village festivals known as “Sagra”. A region deep-rooted in culture but also offering so many divergent activities.  You can enjoy sports such as hiking and mountain biking.  Or you can simply relax and enjoy a wellness visit in an agrisurismo or unwind in one of the many spas located in the area.  Or indulge in shopping for Italian fashion or craft, whether in the well known retail outlets or in village shopping areas.  In Valdarno you will experience a 360 degree view, encompassing the full spectrum of the Italian dolce vita.


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