About us

Il Sillabo was born in 1996 out of a family of teachers with a strong passion for the Italian language and culture.  Over the years, this lively school, located in the heart of Tuscany, has maintained its family oriented environment, ensuring that high quality teachers provide an authentic and enriching Italian experience.  Students of any age and any nationality come to study in San Giovanni where they soon speak Italian, get excited, fall in love and usually…come back.


Today, Il Sillabo continues as a Cultural Association with the renewed dedication of two life-long friends, born under the Tuscan sun, Rossanna and Stefania.

Rossanna and Stefania studied together at Florence University where they both graduated with a degree in Foreign Language and Literature followed by post-graduate studies.  In 2004, they joined Il Sillabo, immediately appreciating the warm and enthusiastic ambiance of the school.  United by a common desire to pursue teaching as a lifetime career, Rossanna and Stefania continued to grow professionally and academically, by attending the University for Foreigners in Siena and obtaining the DITALS certificate (Teaching Italian language to foreigners), and by becoming tourist guides.  Before long, teachers Rossanna and Stefania were an integral part of the Il Sillabo family.


In 2014, thanks to their enduring and accomplished work experience, the reins of Il Sillabo were confidently handed over to Rossanna and Stefania.  Within this remarkable team you will find the knowledge, skills and experience gained from over a decade of professional education.  Together, they proudly assume full operation and management of the school, continuing to promote the love of the Italian language and culture through expanded courses programs and activities.

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San Giovanni Valdarno

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