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Tuscany is well known for many reasons, including its enchanting rolling hills and its breathtaking views.  Because of this splendid landscape, it is a popular place for bikers from all over the world to enjoy a sporting holiday in nature.  Il Sillabo organizes half or full day bike tours, both for mountain and for street biking, at all levels for its students.  You can easily combine one or more bike tours together with our Italian courses or in conjunction with other school activities.

Why get to know Tuscany by bike with Il Sillabo?  Because we have a group of friends and colleagues who are eager and ready to show you the beauty of the Pratomagno, Settiponti Road, and the magnificence of Chianti.  Be guided by enthusiastic and knowledgeable leaders and avoid the stress of organizing bike trips on your own!   Bring your own bike or rent one here, but be prepared for a ride to remember!


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